Shell Scripting Interview Questions

We have prepared a set of questions to help Freshers and Experienced Linux Admins in their preparations for Shell Scripting Interview. This list includes Google shell scripting interview questions for Linux (Infrastructure specialist), Amazon interview questions for Linux (Cloud Support Engineer - II) and other reputed firms as well.

You will find these questions very helpful in your Linux Admins interviews. Prepare well and All the very best.

All the feedbacks and suggestions are most welocome.

  1. Write a shell script to fetch the data from rest api and take out the required fileds

  2. Write a shell script to extract the number of alphabets characters and digits and tell the count.

  3. Write a shell script to extract the ip addresss from a file and the count of similar ipadress.

  4. Write a shell script to hit the rest api and modify the json data and put it back to the database.

  5. How to declare an array in shell script ?

  6. What is crontab and tell some time set you have done?

  7. Why do we give #!/bin/sh at start of shell script ?

  8. Write a shell script to find old logs and archive it.

  9. What is $#,$?,$@ etc.. in linux shell script ?

  10. What type of data redirections exists in shell scripting ? What is difference between > /dev/null , 1> /dev/null , 2> /dev/null and &> /dev/null/.

  11. Write a script to list top 10 most used words in a file.

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