Managerial Interview Questions

We have prepared a set of frequently asked Managerial questions to help Freshers and Experienced Engineers in their preparations for Interview.

You will find these questions very helpful in your Managerial interviews. Prepare well and All the very best.

All the feedbacks and suggestions are most welocome.

  1. Tell me what was your most difficult situation you faced and you resolved.

  2. When you had issue with your management and how you convince them ?

  3. How you have helped your peer ?

  4. Did you got a chance to convince cutomers for your work ?

  5. How the Jira tasks are assigned to your team ?

  6. Tell me what your manager told negative point about you.

  7. Tell me you put time significant outside your work.

  8. Critical feedback from colleague and how did you handled it.

  9. Give me an example of calculated risk where speed was critical.

  10. Explain your daily routine ?

  11. Explain when you received an agitated customer and how did you handled it.

  12. Explain when you worked beyond your role

  13. What are your strengths and weaknesses.

  14. Any time when you anticipated an issue even before customer raised it and how did you fixed it.

  15. Explain a time when you were working on an issue and you have to take an at instance decisions to either revert back or Proceed further because you were reaching SLA.

  16. Any time when you worked on issues/technology outside of your comfort zone i.e. Outside Linux.

  17. Anytime when you were working on a predefined process and you faced an unexpected issue. How did you dealt with it.

  18. What if you have to execute a command which can either break things or fix it ? How will you make decision.

  19. The Customer satisfaction level of one of the customer is at 80% right now. What can you do to increase the satisfaction level to 90%.

  20. Explain a time where you had a conflict with any of your colleague. And how did you solved the situation.

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